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Morrissey - I Have Forgiven Jesus

The Smiths - How Soon Is Now

Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round

Claudia Brücken - Absolut(e)

Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday

Propaganda - P:Machinery

Scritti Politti - Wood Beez

Shakespears Sister - Break My Heart

Bonk - The Smile And The Kiss

The Human League - Don't You Want Me

Soft Cell - Torch

The Lover Speaks - No More I Love You's

Mariaane Rosenberg - Ich Bin Wie Du

Axelle Red - Sensualité

Saint Etienne - Like A Motorway

Adele - Make You Feel My Love

Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms

Sunscreem - Love U More

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March 2018
Current/Coming Events
Mar 16-22: Kim Wilde - Here Come The Aliens (CD & LP)
Mar 23-24: Paul Young - On Tour in The UK
Mar 30: Marc Almond - Live in Berlin (Germany)
Mar 30-Mar 30: Kim Wilde - On Tour in The UK
Apr 4-7: Kim Wilde - On Tour in The UK
Apr 5: HAEVN - Live in Zwolle (NL)
Apr 7: HAEVN - Live in Nijmegen (NL)
Apr 9-13: Bryan Ferry - On Tour in The UK
Apr 11-16: Kim Wilde - On Tour in The UK
Apr 12: HAEVN - Live in Tilburg (NL)
Apr 14: HAEVN - Live in Groningen (NL)
Apr 14: Paul Young - Live in West Yorkshire (UK)
Apr 15-19: Bryan Ferry - On Tour in The UK
Apr 19: HAEVN - Live in Den Haag (NL)
Apr 19-22: Kim Wilde - On Tour in The UK
Apr 21: HAEVN - Live in Utrecht (NL)
Apr 21-23: Bryan Ferry - On Tour in Ireland
Apr 21: Book Of Love - Live in Denver (USA)
Apr 24: Kim Wilde - On Tour - Hastings (UK)
Apr 25-29: Bryan Ferry - On Tour in The UK
Apr 26: Kim Wilde - On Tour - London (UK)
Apr 27: Jason Donovan - Live in Manchester (UK)
Apr 30: Kim Wilde - On Tour - Salford Quays (UK)
May 1: Bryan Ferry - Live in London (UK)
May 3: Bryan Ferry - Live in London (UK)
May 19: Let's Rock The Moor (UK)
May 26: Paul Young - Live in Sheffield (UK)
May 26: Let's Rock Norwich (UK)
May 31: The The - Live in Denmark
Jun 2: Axelle Red - Live in Brussels (Belgium)
Jun 2: Kim Wilde - Live in Schwarzenberg (Germany)
Jun 2: Let's Rock Bristol (UK)
Jun 5: The The - Live in London (UK)
Jun 6: The The - Live in London (UK)
Jun 7: The The - Live in London (UK)
Jun 9: Let's Rock The North East (UK)
Jun 16: Let's Rock Leeds (UK)
Jun 23: Let's Rock Scotland (UK)
Jun 30: Let's Rock Exeter (UK)

Classic Albums

Morrissey - You Are The Quarry

The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead

Propaganda - A Secret Wish

Billie Ray Martin - Deadline For My Memories

Dead Or Alive - Youthquake

Sunscreem - O3

Thomas Leer - The Scale Of Ten

Mari Wilson - Showpeople

Adele - 19

Depeche Mode - Black Celebration

Saint Etienne - Tiger Bay

Axelle Red - Sans Plus Attendre

Visage - Beat Boy

Scritti Politti - Cupid & Psyche '85

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Pet Shop Boys are delighted to announce their return to London's Royal Opera House for four very special shows this July.

The critically-acclaimed 'Inner Sanctum' show will return to the iconic venue two years after its debut performances sold out in record time. 
The show has been produced specifically for the site by long-time PSB collaborators designer Es Devlin and choreographer/director Lynne Page.

Performance dates will be July 25, 26, 27 and 28. 
Tickets go on sale from 1pm today and will be limited to 4 per person. 
Visit for full details and ticket sales. 

Pet Shop Boys said today: "We were thrilled to bring electronic music into the grandest musical space in London for four memorable nights in 2016. Since then we've often been asked if we're planning a return to the Royal Opera House and we're excited to confirm that we'll be back in July."
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26 Feb 2018 - Traverse Town - Killer

Traverse Town is an alt synth/indie rock band located south of Boston (US). Described as having a lush synth sound, they feature mostly electronic based songs with clean production, while also throwing it back to the 80's with infectious guitar riffs, synth pads, and catchy choruses. These are the type of melodies that will get stuck in your head for days.
After becoming a verified Spotify artist, reaching radio play by WBRU 95.5, gaining an additional member, and being featured by bigger blogs and channels like FUNSPEAR MUSIC and Fancy Melancholic, they have now signed on with the London based label Aztec Records, to release their upcoming EP entitled 'Killer'.

The opening track is the perfect example of their acute sense for songwriting, evocative lyrics and love for a driving beat, sparse synth and guitar arrangements and a 'killer' synth hook.
The second track on the EP, 'More Of Me' starts with an upbeat guitar riff which sets the tone for a summery song that contrast with the troubled relationship displayed in the lyrics.

Listen to 'Killer EP' on Spotify now!

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Synth-pop pioneers Soft Cell will reunite for one last time at The O2, on Sunday 30 September 2018, in their first UK show for 15 years.

Marc Almond and Dave Ball will perform together for a one-off show, 'Say Hello, Wave Goodbye', as they celebrate their 40th anniversary as a duo with their first UK show since 2003. This will be the band's ONLY and last EVER show.

One of the most influential groups to emerge from the electronic music scene in the UK in the 1980s, Soft Cell produced five albums of original material, book-ended by their debut; 1981's 'Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret', and 2002's 'Cruelty Without Beauty'. The incredible string of hits Soft Cell produced during this time, including ten tracks that reached the UK Top 40 singles charts, need little introduction.

The unique combination of Dave Ball's musicianship and Marc Almond's tender yet assured delivery on songs such as 'Memorabilia', 'Torch', and of course their trademark 'Say Hello, Wave Goodbye' inhabits a unique place in British music history.

'Tainted Love', Soft Cell's boundless Number One hit, is perhaps the most emblematic and evocative song of the era. A cover of Gloria Jones' Northern Soul staple that kept the original's yearning tone, Soft Cell enveloped the track with a slowed down instantly recognisable synth riff - a nod to pop music's past, yet wholly updated with the fresh, modern sound of the 80s that still holds up to this day.

Intervening years have seen both Marc Almond and Dave Ball's talent recognised with successful solo careers in their own right, with Marc Almond awarded an Ivor Novello Inspiration Award in 2013, as well as an OBE this year's New Year's Honours List. Dave Ball went on to form The Grid, peaking with million-selling international hit 'Swamp Thing', as well as working as a producer and writer for the likes of Kylie Minogue and remixer for David Bowie, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Yello & The B-52's.

On performing their best-loved hits together again, Marc Almond commented "With Soft Cell I always felt something was unfinished. This last ever final show will be the best ever ending. It will be a real statement and send off, and thank you to every fan"

Dave Ball added "We live in very interesting times, and 2018 promises to be a very special year".

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The new single, Sister, is out now. Features Corinne Bailey Rae
and Warpaint.
Plus Andrew Weatherall remixes.

More music from me! It's the second single from my upcoming album Record. It's called Sister and features guest appearances from Corinne Bailey Rae and Warpaint's Jenny (bass) and Stella (drums). An eight-minute feminist groove anthem, it also comes with Andrew Weatherall remixes. Out on Merge Records in North America and Unmade Road/Caroline in the Rest of The World.  Hope you love it.



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Who's Gonna help You?


                  1. Who's Gonna Help You? 
                  2. Excusez-moi 
                  3. Quand le Jour Se Lève 
                  4. Gigantesquement Belle 
                  5. Signe Ton Nom 
                  6. Un Ami 
                  7. Le Grand Retour 
                  8. Mont des Regrets 
                  9. This Girl's Gonna Kill You 
                  10. C'est Ainsi 
                  11. Le Plus Beau Reste à Venir

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