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Amber's new single "Melt With The Sun", a collaboration with Sweet Rains, is already # 1 BREAKOUT in the Billboard Club Chart for the date of 11/11/06!

Also it is already added on 4 radio stations:
XM bpm, DMX Dance Channel, WBCZ FM & WMPH FM!

Threre are??already a few full radio edits to listen to from part of our remixers:
AM Corona at
Pathos V2 at
Tracy Young at
and the original Sweet Rains production at

Beside the worldwide digital release??on November 14, 2006, there'll be a?? limited amount of physical copies??for direct??order at:

The New Single contains 10 Tracks in all remixed by some of the best DJs in the business, including Grammy Winner Hex Hector (Jennifer Lopez, Donna Summer, Toni Braxton), Tracy Young (Madonna), Al B. Rich (Mariah Carey), and many others.

"Melt With the Sun"
is Amber's followup to her U.S. Top Ten Dance Chart Single "Just Like That" which was remixed by Jason Nevins.

For updates, hit
and the Official MySpace at

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