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The Associates formed in 1979 in Edinburgh. Initially a duo performing standards and soul covers, Billy MacKenzie and Alan Rankine scored three hit singles and two critically-acclaimed albums by 1982. However, they went their separate ways toward the end of the year.

Billy MacKenzie continued under the Associates name with various musicians, releasing a number of albums through the 80s. Wild and Lonely was the last album under this name, released in 1990. It was recorded with a supporting cast of around 20 personnel, including contributions from Art of Noise core member Anne Dudley amongst others.

The reissues of "Wild And Lonely" and "Outernational" will be released on August 8, 2006.
????Wild And Lonely

Fire to Ice
People We Meet
Just Can't Say Goodbye
Calling All Around the World
Glamour Chase
Where There's Love
Something's Got to Give
Strasbourg Square
Ever Since That Day
Wild and Lonely

Bonus Tracks

1, 2, 3
Green Tambourine
Groovin' With Mr. Bloe
I'm Gonna Run Away
Fever In The Shadows


Feels Like The Richtergroove
Opal Krush
Colours Will Come
Pastime Paradise
Grooveature (To Be Continued)
Sacrifice And Be Sacrificed
What Made Me Turn On The Lights
In Windows All

Bonus Tracks

Look What You've Done
(Marital Mix)
Colours Will Come
(US60659 Mix)
Because You Love

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