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13 Jul 2006 - 'Top Of The Pops' Saved?


The "Top Of The Pops" brand could be saved from extinction, after the BPI attacked the BBC's decision to pull the plug on the landmark music show.

After years of battling with flagging ratings and increasing competition across other media platforms, it was recently announced that the programme was to be axed. In a letter to the BBC, BPI chairman Peter Jamieson criticised the decision to cancel the show, and suggested the brand could be saved and resurrected.

Jamieson commented: "A strong body of opinion exists within this organisation that there is still potential in the "TOTP" brand. "This is despite the damage done over the past few years - and, in particular, by some of the statements made about the brand over the past month."

The BBC are yet to respond to the approach. After 42 years on-air, the last "Top Of The Pops" is scheduled to go out on July 30.
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