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06 Oct 2004 - Amber - You Move Me

Versatile singer/songwriter Amber is eager to show off her new fall colours with "You Move Me," a composition that will shock and delight fans who have pulsated to her long string of purring pop/dance hits, including "This Is Your Night," "Sexual (Li Da Di)" and "One More Night." This time around, Amber has amped the voltage to atomic proportionsùwith a tornado of guitars and nervous beats, an undulating flash of Middle Eastern effects and a joyful, orgiastic vocal from the siren, as she proclaims, "You take me higher and higher." Amber is obviously taking her art to a higher plane, complete with the launch of her own label, JMCA. A bevy of remixes, including a tribal-hued journey by Mike Cruz, will ensure club action for "You Move Me," though the song deserves its place in the mainstream spotlight. Amber is one talented lady; it's time the whole world took notice.

"My Kind Of World", Amber's first full length CD in over 2 years entitled is finally available. "My Kind Of World" features 12 new songs and promises to usher in a new era for Amber.

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