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????Huang Chung Tracklist:

?? ?? 1. Hold Back The Tears
?? ?? 2. I Never Want To Love You In A Half Hearted Way
?????? 3. Ti Na Na
???? ??4. Straight From My Heart
???? ??5. Dancing
???? ??6. China
???? ??7. Rising In The East
???? ??8. Chinese Girls
???? ??9. Why Do You Laugh
?? 10. I Can't Sleep

This CD has been out of print for some time.

10 years ago, Trent Reznor had this to say about the album: "For what it's worth, Wang Chung put a record out before the "Dance Hall Days" record, when they spelled their name differently. All guitar-bass-drums. Still a real good record."
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