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When Electric Dreams was started as a club in 1997, none of those involved could have foreseen what an enduring success the night would be. It was started by a group of enthusiasts for eighties new wave music who, though they had no previous experience of either club promotion or Dj-ing, felt that there was a definite need for a club that played this kind of music in London. By this time, the original new romantic clubs of the eighties had long gone, and a second wave of similar clubs started in the early nineties to cash in on the then current retro boom had also mainly closed.

The first venue was Gossips, a small basement club in Soho’s Dean Street. This venue had a long history of hosting alternative nights, such as Steve Strange’s renowned Club For Heroes, and the pioneering Goth night, The Batcave. Electric Dreams was to find a home here for eight years, opening once per week on Mondays. Gossips was eventually taken over by new owners, which prompted us to move, initially to The Metro Bar in Oxford Street.

After a brief spell at The Metro Bar, Monday nights were temporarily shelved, and??they began a very successful once per month run at The Purple Turtle in Camden. This busy and popular night recently culminated in a packed Depeche Mode special event, which drew patrons from as far afield as Latvia.

Mondays were not forgotten however, and the promoters were recently offered use of the downstairs section of the prestigious Clerkenwell venue Turnmills. Electric Dreams is to start once per month there on Mondays, beginning on Monday 20th February.

The club’s website is at:

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Electric Dreams has always attracted a diverse and well dressed crowd, from those who wish to revive the new romantic splendour of the Blitz kids, to flamboyant black-clad Goths, to those whose attire defies easy description! All are united though by a love of the synthesized sounds of bands like Duran Duran, Soft Cell and Gary Numan, through to darker grooves such as Bauhaus and The Cure, and even more modern acts such as Goldfrapp, who continue the eighties electronic music tradition into the current decade.

The club was started by Valeriun, Stix and The Baron, who continue as promoters and main DJs to this day. They are assisted by Cath and Daniel on the till, and Ant who advises on press relations and flyer design.

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