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Billie Ray Martin
, queen of electronic soul, currently enjoying hit collaborations with DJ Hell and Slam, presents an evening of ambient music with a country twist.

It's where the tweak meets the twang... where Nashville meets Duesseldorf... where Billie Ray Martin meets pedal steel maestro Steve Honest and presents songs accompanied by only his pedal steel guitar.

Billie Ray Martin is not known to be partial to unplugged music. Known as the??queen of electronic soul, the ice maiden of??teutonic bleeps??etc...??

Billie Ray Martin's explorations into realms where the technological meets the soulful have continued since her famed days in Electribe 101. Ever since her classic ambient EP "Four Ambient Tales", her journeys into ambient music have found more and more friends.

So with her distinct dislike for all things unplugged, who will win - cowboys or robots??? Come and find out:??it is the closest you??are going to get to the pure beauty and depth of Billie's voice.

Billie Ray Martin will also take to the decks, DJ'ing a set of minimal and ambient electronic classics.

Venue: the Cube and Star,??
39a Hoxton Square, Hoxton London N1
Date: Thursday, 2nd February
Entrance: £5

Billie Ray Martin first came to prominence leading the acclaimed deep house act Electribe 101, her unique voice leaving critics struggling to find words to match its beauty. Electribe 101 scored a brace of hits including the classic “Talking With Myself” before Billie departed to continue exploring fusions of electronic music and soul.?? After releasing the thoroughly scary “Persuasion” and the monumentally beautiful “Four Ambient Tales”, Billie found herself with a worldwide number 1 in “Your Loving Arms”. Three more hits and the album “Deadline for My Memories” followed.

Since then Billie has worked with Al Green, Ann Peebles, Carla Thomas and members of Aretha Franklin's band on her album "18 Carat Garbage", and has continued to release cutting edge electronic productions, such as the current 'No Brakes On My Rollerskates' and 'Dead Again' singles, as well as her current collaborations with DJ Hell and Slam. She is currently working on her new album.

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