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The Young Punx, Pete Gooding and Deep Dish come up with excellent remixes of the classic dance track "Hideaway" by Delacy. On the 12" releases mixes are provided by Chris Lake, Nickelle & Nessim and Daniel??& Jonesy.

Tracklist CDs:

1. Hideaway [The Young Punx Radio Edit]
2. Hideaway [Delacy Vs The Young Punx Mix]
3. Hideaway [Pete Gooding Mix]
4. Hideaway [Deep Dish Remix]
5. Hideaway [We Deliver Vocal Mix]

Tracklist 12":

1. Hideaway [Pete Gooding Remix]
2. Hideaway [Chris Lake Remix]
3. Hideaway [Nickelle and Nessim Remix]

1. Hideaway [The Young Punx Remix]
2. Hideaway [We Deliver Mix]

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