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21 Sep 2005 - Billie MacKenzie On CD

??Memory Place (with Paul Haig)

Assembled from the variety of
sessions recorded by the two
singers between 1993 and
1995, when both found
themselves at loose ends
and disenchanted by the
record business, Memory
Palace makes for both a
welcome addition to Billy
Mackenzie's tragically limited
canon and a fine example of
Paul Haig's own magpie-like
musical pursuits.
  1. Thunderstorm
  2. Stone The Memory Place
  3. Beyond Love
  4. Trans Obsession
  5. Trash 3
  6. Listen To Me
  7. Listen Again
  8. Take A Chance
  9. Give Me Time
  10. Give Me Time (Dennis Wheatly Mix)
  11. Beyond Love (Remix)
  12. Stone The Memory Place (Remix)
  13. Thunderstorm (Remix)


Posthumous collection from
the ex-Associates singer.
These 10 songs were all
written and recorded during
the last chapter of his life,
all coming from Billy's
single-minded musical ideal.
This is the ideal Billy MacKenzie
album that should have been.
'Pain In Any Language' was
recorded with Apollo Four Forty.
It was the last thing he recorded,
and the last lyric he wrote.

  1. Sour Jewel
  2. Hornophobic
  3. The Soul That Sings
  4. Here Comes The Rain Again
  5. Achieved In The Valley Of Dolls
  6. Falling Out With The Future
  7. Anacostia Bay (At The Edge Of The World)
  8. Velvet
  9. Norma Jean
  10. Pain In Any Language

??Transmission Impossible

Many of the mixes on this album
originate from Billy's personal
collection, none of which have
been previously available.
Although they may occasionally
sound less polished than
subsequent posthumous remixes,
it was decided that too many posthumous 'fingerprints' would
simply serve to impair the
greatness of the performances herein. And a little bit of tape
hiss never hurt anyone.
  1. Wild Is The Wind
  2. Nocturne Seven
  3. Satellite Life
  4. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
  5. Fourteen Mirrors
  6. And This She Knows
  7. Liberty Lounge
  8. Blue It Is
  9. When The World Was Young
  10. Beyond The Sun
  11. Sing That Song Again
  12. At The Edge Of The World
  13. Winter Academy

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