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BRM is about to start a new London nightclub, named Komputerliebe.

This once-a-month club takes place in a fabulous west end location.
This club is brought to live to bring??records to music lovers,??that have been missing from nightlife generally and leave us gagging for cultish fun.This is no retro club and it is no electroclash club. It is about sharing personal favourites and new discoveries with a crowd who's ready to party on down. BRM will take to the decks as resident dj!

Billie's off to Berlin to record a top secret ep with producer Reiner Schirner

And here's the last one again:

Out now:
Hell Feat. Billie Ray Martin -??Je Regrette Everything (CD-single)

1 Je Regrette Everything (Radio Edit)
2 Je Regrette Everything (Superpitcher Mix)
3 Je Regrette Everything (Jesper Dählback Mix)
4 Je Regrette Everything (Video)

Now available at:

"Je Regrette Everything is one of the most memorable tracks of Hell`s Ny Muscle album. The original track features the powerful vocals of Billie Ray Martin and provides an anthemic James Bond torch song feel to the albums darker recesses. Martin was formerly the voice of Electribe 101 and DJ Hell has made a smart move in recruiting her for this torch song. Hell has also chosen two seriously capable producers for this mammoth remixing task and it seems his foresight has proven once again to be worth it's weight in dancefloor gold. Both Superpitcher and Jesper Dahlback have

turned in stunning mixes that pay attention to the emotive power of Martin's voice while still maintaining a sense of completeness about the music itself.Hell has surely delivered in this beautiful package. Superpitcher delivers a hypnotic piece of dark beauty and uses parts of vocal to maximum effect. The Jasper Dahlbäck mix, although Moroder inspired, surely doesn't do it ' by numbers', but uses a full vocal to stunning effect on a dark and moody track. The video sadly doesn't feature Billie but works in it's simple beauty. And no: those are not Billie's boobies on the cover..."

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