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The Turtle And The Sea is a story of love where Eastern and Western cultures collide. A musician and her martial artist fight to save the life of his mother back in China.

Why are we asking for your help?

The script has taken two years to write, with each draft receiving feedback from screenwriters and script editors. A leading producer - who shall remain nameless - wanted to make the film but only if the Chinese martial artist was changed to a white American martial artist. This is like setting Slumdog Millionaire in LA.

Most films that are made in the UK are either period dramas or gangster films. It's hard to get funding for feature films that don't have a predominately white cast or have no big stars. Just like the unknown Sylvester Stallone fought to star in Rocky in 1976?? - and Rocky was better for it - we believe this film will be better without any famous stars. All of the pledges you make will help us make the film free from the -often dull - commercial demands of a studio.

What will we spend your pledges on?

$80025 (£50k) is only a small portion of the amount we need. After the Indiegogo fee, every penny or dollar that you contribute will go towards shooting the film. It'll pay for boring but essential stuff such as: location fees, camera hire, lighting hire, and exciting stuff such as the fees for the fantastic crew we have on board.

The footage of Shifu Yan Lei with the greenish tint in the trailer is shot with the camera and cinematographer we will use on the film. His name is Sean Van Hales and you can see what he's done here.

Marek Budzynski has directed Shifu Yan Lei in fifteen Shaolin Warrior DVDs which have sold thousands worldwide. Yan Lei will star alongside Cat Goscovitch, whose debut album was released on Sony. The music will reflect the fighting which is stripped down, raw and real.

Other Ways You Can Help

Everyone who pledges will (if you want) be included on our email list so you can be kept updated with exclusive access to behind the scenes footage of the filming starting with post production which starts in January 2013. Filming kicks off in March 2013. So please be sure to include your email address if you'd like to collect perks. Your donations are very much appreciated. We can't make this film without you! So please pledge as much as you can and share this page with your friends through Twitter and Facebook.

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