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Billie Ray Martin releases this 8 panel deluxe DVD, featuring five movies inspired by Andy Warhol‘s Screen Tests and printed in colour and silver metallic. The song ‘On Borrowed Time’ deals with Andy’s fictional confession, in which he reflects on his existence and a life he always experienced as less than real. With music by electronic producer and soul singer Waterson.

The “queen of electronic soul”, Billie Ray Martin is best known for dance hit Your Loving Arms.

DVD??Billie Ray Martin “Five Takes (A Song About Andy)” out now!


Billie Ray Martin

"Five Takes (A Song About Andy)"


1. On Borrowed Time (take 1)
2. On Borrowed Time (take 2)
3. On Borrowed Time (take 3)
4. On Borrowed Time (take 4)
5. On Borrowed Time (take 5)

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