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Greetings from all at There(there)!

This is just a quick note to inform you that Claudia Brücken's long awaited live DVD 'This Happened' , the film of her Scala show last year, is finally available for pre-order:
The shipping release date is July 23rd and we are now taking orders. It is available for £14.99 which includes all postage and packaging costs to anywhere in the world. For a limited time only, all orders will be signed by Claudia.

Click to see the DVD Trailer: ?? ??

Note: This is a PAL formatted DVD set to Region 0, so please make sure you have compatible equipment that can view this before making a purchase.

One final thing, if you live in London, or are considering a trip to London before the Olympic madness begins, Claudia is doing a repeat of the Scala show at London's Bush Hall on 19th July. Tickets available now from


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