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Audio Twins is a meeting of musical minds – a merger of styles – a brand new adventure for Lucia Holm and Digital Habitat.

Lucia Holm is the vocalist and co writer of dance giants Sunscreem. As pioneers of the dance explosion in 1990 with The Shamen and The Prodigy, Sunscreem broke the mould of the standard club PA by performing with a full live band and elaborate visuals at raves, free parties and clubs.

They went on to have seven UK top 30 hits including “Love U More”, “Pressure” and the classic “Perfect Motion” with its infectious hook sealing their place in dance music history. A Billboard top 40 in the US lead to years of touring stateside and started a love affair with audiences that continues to this day.

Digital Habitat (aka Ste Wilson) started out as a PA engineer in his native northeast England, before moving to London in the mid nineties and releasing white label dance records and licensing his music for television. A 3 year stint in the fashion biz followed before signing to Polydor Records.

Recently he has been involved with the electro acoustic HaN G and Pablo Sandoz projects, writing electro house tracks for his new project Analogue Junkies as well as concentrating on the Digital Habitat Productions label.

The sound for Audio Twins has evolved from their mutual passion for beats, song writing and quality production.

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The second release from Audio Twins hit’s the digital download stores NOW!

Lying In My Bed‘??EP is a blend of morphing percussion and melodic keys, set to a back drop ambient soundscapes and lush strings. Complete with the majestic vocals of Lucia Holm (and guest vocalist Cassie) – providing a deep yet beautiful track for both the discerning DJ and ambient enthusiasts. There’s a real treat on the remix front from Lucia, with an excellent electro take, while the Rising High mix moves the track to yet another area of the Audio Twins dancefloor. Finishing off with a bonus track – a new remix of the first release Wait For MeMidsummer’s Eve mix.


1. Lying In My Bed
– [Original mix] – 06:16
2. Lying In My Bed
– [Rising High mix] – 07:33
3. Lying In My Bed
– [Lu remix] – 06:06
4. Wait For Me
– [Midsummer’s Eve mix] – 06:43

?? ??

1. Wait For Me
– [Original Mix] – 6:24
2. Wait For Me
– [Indian Summer Mix] – 4:40 –
3. Wait For Me
– [Butterfly Dreamer Mix] – 6:52
4. People Just Like Us
– [Full Build Mix] – 8:42??

The Audio Twins have landed! ‘Wait For Me‘ is the first release from the long anticipated collaboration between Lucia Holm (angelic lead vocalist from the critically acclaimed 90?s dance band Sunscreem) and Digital Habitat (long time experimental electro acoustic dance producer). A beautiful debut EP which highlights Lucia’s wonderfully dynamic voice, musically Wait For Me has a William Orbit type feel of dreamy melody and kicked back rhythm, while the remixes cover upbeat dancefloor and down beat chill out, with guest musician HaN G contributing a beautiful piece on this rare and magical instrument (the Hang). The EP also includes bonus track People Just Like Us!

To download Audio Twins:

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