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David Sylvian - Died In The Wool??
13-track 2-CD album set

Variations on David Sylvian's 2009 release 'Manafon', with the addition of 6 new pieces, including collaborations with acclaimed composer Dai Fujikura, producers Jan Bang and Erik Honoré and a stellar roster of contemporary musicians and improvisers.
Throughout his career, David Sylvian has ventured from his pop origins into riskier strains of music. Following his adventures into modern electronic and improvised music on 'Blemish' and 'Manafon', Sylvian offers a remarkable new work with the celebrated contemporary composer Dai Fujikura.
'Died in the Wool' features the fruits of this collaboration, alongside material derived from and inspired by the 'Manafon' sessions. Old and new friends, ballads and ambient improvisations, and works both groundbreaking and extreme come together in an important new collection.

Producers and electronics artists Jan Bang and Erik Honoré are the other featured collaborators, and they contribute remixes of two tracks from 'Manafon': 'Emily Dickinson' and the title track. Bang and Honoré have remixed Sylvian's work in the past, and here they also contribute to two new songs: 'I Should Not Dare' and 'A Certain Slant of Light', which are settings of poems by Emily Dickinson - the first time Sylvian has adapted poetry to song. The most conventionally beautiful pieces on the record, they are produced from a rich concatenation of sources. On 'I Should Not Dare', a bed of glitches and Christian Fennesz's treated guitar blend with a live recording of Supersilent keyboardist Ståle Storløkken. From all these materials comes one of the most romantic ballads in Sylvian's catalogue.
"I don't think I've produced work of a more intensely emotional nature than that of the past eight years or so," says Sylvian. "I never work from a purely intellectual standpoint, it's the intuitive and the emotional that are my guides." The 2nd Disc features audio from David Sylvian's installation "when we return you won't recogniseus" commissioned for Biennial of Canaries 2008-2009. Presented as a beautiful 2 disc digipak in a hard board slipcase, featuring artwork by George Bolster and designed by Chris Bigg.

Released Monday 23rd May 2011
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