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Classic Singles

Morrissey - I Have Forgiven Jesus

The Smiths - How Soon Is Now

Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round

Claudia Brücken - Absolut(e)

Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday

Propaganda - P:Machinery

Scritti Politti - Wood Beez

Shakespears Sister - Break My Heart

Bonk - The Smile And The Kiss

The Human League - Don't You Want Me

Soft Cell - Torch

The Lover Speaks - No More I Love You's

Mariaane Rosenberg - Ich Bin Wie Du

Axelle Red - Sensualité

Saint Etienne - Like A Motorway

Adele - Make You Feel My Love

Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms

Sunscreem - Love U More

Andy posted a little message for you all on his Twitter account at the start of the week, just to thank everyone for their support for 'Non-Stop', and if you don't follow Andy on Twitter or Facebook the message was 'Thank you to all the people who bought Non-Stop & to all the people who've helped me on the way xXx'??? bless him!

A short (very short!)
interview with Vince has appeared on the Swedish website ElectroSkull this week. The interview, conducted by email, is basically an update on where Erasure are with the new album, alongside a few choice bits and pieces???

Lots of you have emailed me about Andy's upcoming appearance at Pride in San Francisco at the end of the month, and I'm afraid I don't have many more details for you just yet, sorry. I can however confirm that Andy will be playing a 30-minute PA set - which will consist mostly of Erasure material alongside one or two solo numbers - and that he has been selected as one of the Grand Marshalls for the Pride Parade. Andy will also be making a number of PA and DJ appearances in the US while he's over there. More details when I have them but keep an eye on Andy's
website for updates.

There have been loads of bits and pieces about Andy in the media this week and the main ones are listed in the news section of his website, but I do want to make specific mention of some of my favourites; first off is Andy's Guest Editor spot at
Magnet Magazine which I mentioned in my introduction, it's not just painting cats, there's also pieces by Andy on nudist beaches, the Virgin Mary, lenticular printing, fish and chips and more; I also liked the video interviews that Entertainment Focus did with Andy (Part 1 and Part 2), the quality isn't great but it makes a nice change to see Andy answering the questions rather than just reading them and he does drop a lot of hints about his plans for the rest of the year among other things; and finally there is last week's TV appearance on ITV's chat show 'Loose Women' which also sees Andy in fine form. See the news section on Andy's website for all the details!

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