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01. Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)
02. Nightmares
03. Transfer Affection
04. What Am I Supposed To Do?
05. Electrics
06. The Traveller
07. 2:30
08. Over The Border
09. The Fall
10. (It's Not Me) Talking

Bonus Recordings:
11. Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) (Extended)
12. Committed
13. Nightmares (12" Version)
14. Quicksand
15. Tanglimara
Originally released in 1983, A Flock Of Seagulls' 2nd and most successful album 'Listen' spawned the singles 'Wishing [If I Had A Photograph Of You]', 'Nightmares', 'Transfer Affection' and '[It's Not Me] Talking', and this 2010 edition comes expanded with 5 Bonus Recordings including the 12" versions of 'Wishing [If I Had A Photograph Of You]' & 'Nightmares' and the b-sides 'Committed', 'Quicksand' and 'Tanglimara'. Complete with a picture booklet containing sleevenotes written by the webmaster of the band's US Fan Club, Ron DeRidder and a full UK discography featuring many of their sleeves.
[released 21 June 2010]
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