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20 Dec 2009 - Alphabeat Update!

Christmas is just around the corner, so we've got some festive goodies for you.
Read on to find out more!

Forget Santa, it's Alphabeat who can bring you what you want this Christmas! Click here to tell Alphabeat your Christmas wish, and if you're lucky it might come true...

If you want to make your Facebook page look a little bit more festive, we've got just the thing for you. Get a sprinkle of sparkle by adding the Alphabeat Christmas Facebook Application
here. Alternatively, add this widget to your blog or myspace page for that bit of Christmas class.

You can also spread the festive cheer to all of your friends by sending them a Christmas e-card featuring a greeting from Alphabeat
click here to spread the word!

Keep your eyes peeled next week - we'll be bringing you the very first look at the video for new single 'Hole in My Heart'. If you can't wait until then, check back to today where you can get a sneak peak at some stills from the video. The single is released on 22nd February.

We'll be back next week with a bumper edition of the Alphabeat mailer, featuring all of your essential Alphabeat Christmas news - don't miss it!



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