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13 Dec 2009 - A Message From Adele


Happy Christmas All!

I hope you all have a wonderful time and a good ole rest up. Over the last few months I've been lalalalalalaaaaaaing in the studio and packing as I'm moving house, again!! I also thought id try out being a pescetarian. I contemplated calling myself a vegetarian but I didn't want to be one of them veggies that goes on and on about being so but, then orders a sea bass or something at the table!?? Anyway, I failed. I did well for about a month though! I had sausages yesterday eeeeek! I started learning how to make nut roast so I'd have a yummy replacement for the turkey but, the thought of it simply sent me to sleep!

My little dog, Louie Armstrong, is doing very well. I had him castrated because he was particularly barky! He barks at any kind of animal on the tv, I haven't decided if he's really really clever for working out what they are or whether he's really really stupid for making a fuss over something that's 2d! Talking of 2d - did anyone see the channel4 3D week?? I bloody forgot to go get my free glasses from Sainsbury's!! I was gutted. How do I get hold of the JLS Beat Again video where they're popping out the screen and stuff?

The studio has been going great! I'm very excited and very thrilled with the new songs so far. I haven't started recording the actual record yet, just been writing and roughly putting them down. Hopefully, it'll be coming out next summer. Don't hold me to that. It'll come out when it's ready! Maybe 2013?? Who knows?

Has everyone done there xmas shopping yet? I did it all online. So much easier. My life has been taken over by Dorer The Explorer!! Percy the Pig and bloody twighlight!! Secretly the latter is allll forrrrr meeeeeeeee! I'm not sure how I became so obsessed with fictional vampires - I feel like I'm 11 again and am genuinely convinced Leonardo Dicaprio IS Jack in Titanic. Anyways - I bought my mum a car, she's had a little purple Ford Ka for about a decade. We called her Delilah. But her time has come and gone, so I upgraded her! I bought Louie a car seat belt!! Really I did!

Grammys 2010!!! I'm still recovering from last year, it hasn't even hit me I've been nominated again!! I didn't even know I was eligible, truly amazing! Thank you so much xx

I have to go now to set up my friend's tree - they're in Goa until tomorrow. Nice surprise I hope.

Have a brilliant Christmas and a great New Year.

All my love, Adele xx

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