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30 Dec 2004 - Dead Can Dance On Tour


Dead Can Dance, the legendary band beloved in the dark scene that popularized North African Eithnic music and Antique music in the world of popular music in the 90's, are forming plans for a new album and reunion tour sometime in 2005. The success of this unique duo is in part due to the combination of the excellent vocal work of Lisa Gerrard and the European Dark sound of Brendan Perry.

Lisa Gerrard, one of the band members, says "The lineup of musicians is absolutely phenomenal, actually it is better then that, this will without doubt be the Dead Can Dance concert to see and hear, it is hard to contain my excitement and anticipation."

This will mark the first time the band has reunited with Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry since 1998.

European tour schedule:

  10.03.05 Dublin Ireland  24.03.05 Milan Italy
  12.03.05 The Hague The Netherlands  26.03.05 Cologne Germany
  14.03.05 Paris France  27.03.05 Münich Germany
  16.03.05 Lille France  29.03.05 Berlin Germany
  17.03.05 Bruxelles Belgium  31.03.05 Warsaw Poland
  19.03.05 Bordeaux France  01.04.05 Riga Latvia
  21.03.05 Madrid Spain  03.04.05 St. Petersburg Russia
  22.03.05 Barcelona Spain  06.04.05 London United Kingdom

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