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23 Feb 2009 - Billie Ray Martin Update

Billie Ray Martin: The Crackdown Project
Featuring Märtini Brös and Steven Mallinder (of
Cabaret Voltaire)
Steven Mallinder
from Cabaret Voltaire is adding his vocals next week so the mix so far contain
s BRM's vocals only but is already creating a stir with Dj's like Radio 1's Olaf Zimmermann declaring himself a fan and getting ready for the first spins on his show. The combination of BRM and the original artist of 'The Crackdown' is raising more than a few happy eyebrows.The track was produced by BRM's favourites: Märtini Brös, and is a dark and kicking tech-house fest. The track will be remixed by Stephen Mallinder and Steve Cobby.
A release is planned for the next two months and is part of a wider project called:
The Crackdown Project. The next cover version from Cabaret Voltaires classic album 'The Crackdown' will be 'Just Fascination' feat. Lusty Zanzibar.

For anyone who missed the new dj set download here is another link:
this is a track-by-track link of the set, for people who like to skip through tracks .

Gigs update:
Mar 14 20098:00P
Mar 21 20098:00P
vocal pa at NIGHT OF 1000 GOWNSNew York, New York
Mar 22 20098:00P
dj set @ east village radio (penetration show)New York, New York
Apr 3 20098:00P
dj setSt.Petersburg
Apr 11 20098:00P
dj set @ KOMPUTERLIEBEFrankfurt
Apr 18 20098:00P
dj st @ gloria clubSao Paolo
May 9 20098:00P
dj set @ MaedcheninternatBerlin
May 10 200910:00P
live paRome
May 10 200910:00P
live paRome
Jun 6 20098:00P
euro pride (dj set and live pa)Zürich
Jul 11 20098:00P
vocal pa at private partyNew York, New York
We're currently adding many more gigs in South America and??NYC so watch myspace if you want to catch BRM on that mini tour there in March/April.

As well as the multitude of the well known websites that??BRM has been represented on she has become active on another few: - which will make it even easier to people to share tracks with her in future and yes she does tweet (wink wink)

The 19th March will see the release of the Gigolo compilation double CD:??CD 11, including 'The Opiates - Candy Coated Crime'. Promos are circulating.
Look out for the spring issue of UK's high gloss,??WOUND magazine which will include an extensive interview with Billie Ray Martin??as well as pictures. Out in March (we think).

More??web stuff:
BRM??has added to her myspace and facebook pages the souncloud dropbox widget: that people can now share their tracks with her even more easy, if they wish to contact her for possible collabotions and for those wanting to send their wav's for possible inclusion in??DJ sets/charts etc.

And yet more??other stuff:

To tie in with the Pet Shop Boys receiving the special contributions Brit Award,??HMV are re-running their 'my inspiration' as series, in which??BRM chose 'Paninaro' as favourite lyric and Chris Lowe chose 'Your Loving Arms' as favourite. If you see the posters around and want to nick some... they'll be everywhere around the UK, stores, tubes etc.
Want to??the pictures? Click "Read More" at the end of this page.

Bits just in:

Reports from St.Petersburg that the Telekommander 1 Remix of 'The Opiates - Candy Coated Crime' raises roofs over there with 1000's of people screaming with their hands in the air. Billie will surely check it out when she's there.
Billie has just started writing with David Morales and in Berlin with Snax.

Digital re-releases:

I've Never Been To Memphis
(including 3 Extra Mixes of Systems of Silence Previously Available On Vinyl Only)

Where Fools Rush In
(including 3 Extra Mixes of 18 Carat Garbage Previously Available On Vinyl Only)

They were released on iTunes at the end of January 2009. Click on the titles for more info!

We reported before Christmas that the shipping fees in the mart ( were being lowered as a Christmas special. We've decided not to raise them and they remain as they are.
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