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Billie Ray Martin: The Crackdown Project feat. Märtini Brös??& Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire)
song: The Crackdown

Mal from Cabaret Voltaire is adding his vocals next week so the mix so far containes BRM's vocals only but is already creating a stir with Dj's like Radio 1's Olaf Zimmermann declaring himself a fan and getting ready for the first spins on his show. The combination of BRM and the original artist of 'The Crackdown' is raising more than a few happy eyebrows. The track was produced by BRM's favourites: Märtini Brös, and is a dark and kicking tech-house fest. The tack will be remixed by Stephen Mallinder and his partner's new project: The Light Project.

A release is planned for the next two months and is part of a wider project called: The Crackdown Project. The next cover version from Cabaret Voltaire's classic album 'The Crackdown' will be 'Just Fascination' feat. Lusty Zanzibar.


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