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15 Sep 2008 - Almighty Loves Kylie

After the incredible success of special-focus projects like 'We Love Disco' and 'We Love Elton', which have proven to be wildly popular with Almighty fans the world over, the Almighty team set their sights on one of the most versatile and exciting performers of this generation, the one and only Kylie Minogue and the exciting new Almighty release, 'We Love Kylie'.
Eleven brand-new songs from every stage of Kylie's career were chosen, from the timeless, melodic joy of her PWL period with Stock, Aitken and Waterman through the darker, seductive deConstruction days, right up through to her current return to glory on Parlaphone/EMI. The songs have all been given wonderfully uplifting new Almighty productions are all true 'classics' that both Almighty fans and Kylie fans will find absolutely irresistible.
Everyone in the Almighty family wanted to be a part of this project, as Kylie has been a personal favorite of ours for years now. Something extra-special was in order... hence the creation of the first 'super group' in Almighty history - the ALMIGHTY SHOWGIRLS!
Five of Almighty's most popular songbirds of all time - Natalie Browne, Jamie Knight, Jackie Rawe, Kia, and Belle Lawrence are included in the Almighty Showgirls line up. The girls came together and pulled out all the stops. In addition to the eleven new songs, Jamie's fabulous rendition of '2 Hearts' (one of the most popular Almighty releases in recent memory) was a natural addition. Kia was up next, with her now-classic Almighty reworking of 'Better The Devil You Know' and the promise from the team to create an absolutely incredible update of her version of Kylie's 'What Do I Have To Do'. The result speaks for itself, as the 2008 Almighty 12" Anthem remix of the song is easily one of the most exciting Almighty productions in recent memory.
It's absolutely glorious!
For the eleven, brand new, never before heard Almighty tracks, the Almighty Showgirls took turns creating fabulous new Almighty versions of additional Kylie favorites, both individually and in special, one-time-only collaborations which will surely thrill Almighty fans.??
New dance anthem updates of early favourites like 'I Should Be So Lucky' and 'Turn It Into Love' are irresistible. The dazzling, newly-minted Almighty versions of fan favourites like 'Confide In Me', 'Spinning Around', 'Love At First Sight' and 'Put Yourself In My Place' are equally amazing, having all been transformed into glorious Almighty show-stoppers for this special project. These are brand-new productions that had never been given the full Almighty treatment in any manner before!
The Almighty Showgirls turn 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' into the kind of unstoppable Almighty dance anthem that you'll treasure for years to come. Ditto the deliciously giddy 'Your Disco Needs You', as well as the all-new, all-Almighty treatments given to the newest Kylie No. 1's, including 'In Your Eyes' and 'The One'.
To truly experience Almighty and Kylie, nothing beats the incredible energy of this special set's second disc, the 'Drive Time' non-stop mix! The Almighty team have truly outdone themselves this time. There's also a fabulous bonus disc as well, with additional, exclusive 12" club remixes that you won't find anywhere else. With this bonus disc, you'll have the most thorough, most truly definitive 'We Love Kylie' collection in the world, thanks to Almighty team and the extraordinary voices of your all-time favourite Almighty Showgirls!
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