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20 Jul 2008 - ABC - Traffic (CD)



01. Sixteen Seconds To Choose
02. The Very First Time
03. Ride
04. Love Is Strong
05. Caroline
06. Life Shapes You
07. One Way Traffic
08. Way Back When
09. Validation
10. Lose Yourself
11. Fugitives
12. Minus Love
ABC, one of the most original and enduring bands of the last three decades, are back with a brand new album, 'TRAFFIC', their first studio album in ten years.

ABC are one of those few groups who come along every generation to challenge the way music is heard and made. From 'Poison Arrow' to 'The Look of Love' and 'King Without a Crown', ABC always move the music forward, alert us to new possibilities and combinations, employ radical ideas yet keep the music fresh and relevant while maintaining a unique and instantly-recognisable sound.

Following the re-release of a Special Edition of iconic album 'Lexicon of Love' in 2004, lead singer Martin Fry is delighted with the new material "TRAFFIC is twelve brand new songs, and in 2008 it's a real privilege to be able to compete after 25 years of making music. These days there has to be a good reason to release an ABC record. It's a real labour of love. There's no point in writing a song unless you are inspired."

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