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04 Jul 2008 - Bros To Reform Or Not?

Bros are considering reforming, they have revealed. The pop trio look set to become latest act to get back together, 20 years after first splitting.
Singer Matt Goss has been speaking about the possibility of a comeback with brother Luke and Craig Logan. "If we can make the numbers work and the venues work, then we're all up for it", Matt Goss said. "Being in a band is like being a politician. You've got to make sure everyone is happy", he explained.

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There are no current plans for a Bros reformation, according to Luke Goss. The band's former drummer turned actor was linked with a comeback alongside twin brother Matt and Craig Logan earlier this week.
The singer told reporters "we're all up for it" at a screening of Luke's new movie "Hellboy II" in London. However, his manager has denied the claims, distancing Luke Goss from the latest reunion tour. David Wood explained: "To clarify recent rumours, at this time Luke is not involved in a Bros reunion."

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