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Following the launch of Nina Simone's "Remixed & Reimagined" last fall, Legacy Recordings brings you the second installment of this critically acclaimed series.
The most heartfelt vintage master-tape performances of Billie Holiday – quite simply the 20th century's preeminent jazz vocalists – were selected and bestowed upon the most groove-worthy remixers of the 21st century. Remixers include Tony Humphries, DJ Logic, Charles Feelgood, Singsett, Nickodemus, Jazzy Nice, Organica, and others.??

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The result is this 14-track gem: a heart-stopping manifesto of love, beauty, rhythm and poetry that beguiles, teases and embraces the sweet spot of absolutely anyone with an open mind. Created with the most for Lady Day, this disc is certain to appeal to fans of both jazz and electronica.
This edition of "Remixed & Reimagined" features some of the best young musicians around today, including trumpet player Fabio Morgera and Lady Day Mecca.
Had Billie Holiday been born 70 years later, there's little doubt that this is the kind of soulful sound she would have totally dug. Worlds colliding, indeed. But in the most beautiful way possible. Tracks include "I Hear Music," "Spreadin' Rhythm Around," and "Summertime."

1I Hear Music (Swingsett & Takuya's Mighty Fine Remix)8:31
2More Than You Know (Jazzeem's Throwback Remix)8:31
3Spreadin' Rhythm Around (Lady Bug vs. Lady Day RR Remix)6:41
4Long Gone Blues (GXR Remix)8:24
5Trav'lin' All Alone (Nickodemus & Zeb Remix)5:49
6He Ain't Got Rhythm (Poppyseed Remix)6:56
7Summertime (Organica Remix)7:09
8I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key) (Madison Park Remix)7:15
9Glad To Be Unhappy (DJ Logic Remix)7:06
10Billie's Blues (Daniel Y Remix)5:12
11You're So Desirable (Sunday People Remix)8:51
12Pennies From Heaven (Count De Money Remix)5:48
13But Beautiful (Tony Humphries THP Remix)14:02
14All Of Me (Charles Feelgood Remix)7:29
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