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31 Jul 2007 - Billie Ray Martin News

Billie Ray Martin and Robert Solheim??from Current Music have formed a??new project: THE OPIATES. Their album: HOLLYWOOD UNDER THE KNIFE has been two thirds recorded and will soon be in its final recording stages. Billie and Robert are thrilled with the results so far and both feel that they are creating their very own unique style of electronic music??with beautiful songs.
This album has taken somewhat of a priority over the other Billie Ray Martin album which is also being worked on.??The new potential single is in the final??recording stages as well. Expect an update on this shortly.
Standing By The Mirrorball is the next single and is produced by Pixel 82.
Billie has been receiving the most fabulous honour from Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys. As part of HMV's campaign 'My Inspiration', in which famous artists chose lines from a song that they consider??an all time inspiration, Chris chose a line from 'Your Loving Arms'. The??ads (full page)??will appear??in The Guardian and independent newspapers in September to coincide with the??Pet Shop Boys album Disco4.
There will be also a Billie Ray Martin??one, to be??run at the same time, in which she has chosen a line from a Pet Shop Boys song. Plan is to run it on the??oppoite page in the same papers for full fun effect.

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