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?????????????????? ?????? Saturday 21st July
???? A Swedish Pop Wet Dream at G-A-Y
???????????????????????? (back together for one night only)
For the past 20 years ALEXANDER BARD has kept Sweden in the fore front of Pop music, & is about to launch in the UK, his latest pop sensations BWO with their UK debut single “CHARIOTS OF FIRE”.
To celebrate the launch of BWO, G-A-Y has reformed 2 previous successes of Alexander’s to create the ultimate pop party.

ARMY OF LOVERS back in 1992 had a huge hit with “CRUCIFIED” & are back together for the first time in 20 years.

ALCAZAR One of the best loved pop groups at
G-A-Y, & the buzz of them getting back together for G-A-Y has been huge. It’s been a 3 year wait to see them perform pop anthems like “CRYING AT THE DISCOTEQUE”, “SEXUAL GUARANTEE”, “MENAGE A TROIS”, “DON’T YOU WANT ME” & “THIS IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN”.
BWO are Sweden’s latest pop sensations & it’s
G-A-Y that is launching them in the UK with “CHARIOTS OF FIRE”.
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