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26 May 2007 - Billie Ray Martin News

Billie Ray Martin - Undisco Me

2 vinyl 12" releases??of "Undisco Me" have been released on May 10 and are??available in record shops worldwide as well as at
Downloads are available on iTunes and Beatport. Rebirth have released, for downloading,??18 mixes. We strongly advise to stick??to the approved mixes by Acid Jacks, Peter Juergens and Edison, as well as the original versions. Plans for a??CD release are pending as the track is still gathering momentum in clubs and with radio DJ's.
Billie had recorded a song with electronic act Risque, titled 'Push The Button'. Risque are currently finallising release plans and the song should see the light of day in a couple of months. Billie shares the lead vocal with the lead singer of Risque.
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