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Billie Ray Martin will be performing live at??Susan Bartsch's Room Service in New York City??on the 16th of January. She's been asked to perform only two songs...... but maybe she'll just refuse to go off stage. Keep checking for gig updates.


But mainly her time there in NYC will be spent working with Punkatronic on some recordings, and meeting??Roger Sanchez to prepare??a collaboration.


2 new??DJ sets have been uploaded for your listening pleasure. club) 535MB

Mellow: old school chicago and detroit influenced set, sitable for bars or lounges or after hours, but also more house orientated clubs.
Full-on club : full electro club set.


"Undisco Me" Bastard Mix news.

It is now available for download
and they have created a myspace page where??you can find the info. the link to buy the download is

Two other of the main mixes for the new single 'Undisco Me' are in, by Acid Jacks and Edison.
The Acid Jacks have surpassed themselves to create electro mayhem but with stong vocal cut ups and a strong vocal sound... not for the fainthearted but amazing!!
Release is in February as planned on Rebirth Records.


Distributed through and

Available through all good record shops as well as and and many others are tbc.

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