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And One have spawned their very own dream girl (''Traumfrau“)...

She has got perfect measurements of roughly over three minutes and, once she has set her eyes on you, you’ll be inevitably and irreversibly hooked. She comes dressed in shining silver and brings along a couple of exquisite and tempting girlfriends.

Of course, this “Traumfrau” is nothing else than the new single from And One: the third one from their highly successful charting album “Bodypop”, and the sort of openly catchy electronic addiction that will hit you without any forewarning, just to never let you go again.

But And One would not be And One if they would leave it at this one charming piece of music. Thus, “Traumfrau” also includes two unreleased songs plus a sweat-inducing club version of “Body Company.” And a dream girl would not be a dream girl if she would leave anything to be desired. Hence, the single will also include a CD-Rom-track containing both the video to “Traumfrau” and the German charts-hit “So klingt Liebe.” This is a lure that anyone should gladly succumb to.

1. Traumfrau
2. Body Company

3. Naghavigationssystem
4. Tonight
5. Traumfrau (Mixmix)
6. Traumfrau (Video)
7. So Klingt Liebe (Video)

Out now!!!
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