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Morrissey - I Have Forgiven Jesus

Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round

Claudia Br?cken - Absolut(e)

Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday

Propaganda - P:Machinery

Scritti Politti - Wood Beez

Shakespears Sister - Break My Heart

Bonk - The Smile And The Kiss

The Human League - Don't You Want Me

Soft Cell - Torch

The Lover Speaks - No More I Love You's

Mariaane Rosenberg - Ich Bin Wie Du

Axelle Red - Sensualit?

Saint Etienne - Like A Motorway

Adele - Make You Feel My Love

Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms

Sunscreem - Love U More

The Smiths - How Soon Is Now

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October 2018
Current/Coming Events
Oct 23-25: Level 42 - Live in The UK
Oct 23: Bright Light Bright Light live in Los Angeles (USA)
Oct 24-26: Lisa Stansfield live in the US
Oct 25: Bright Light Bright Light live in Portland (USA)
Oct 26-31: Robyn - Honey (Album)
Oct 26: Bright Light Bright Light live in Seattle (USA)
Oct 26-31: xPropaganda - A Secret Place (CD)
Oct 27: Level 42 - Live in Groningen (The Netherlands)
Oct 28: Level 42 - Live in Nijmegen (The Netherlands)
Oct 28: Bright Light Bright Light live in San Francisco (USA)
Oct 30: Level 42 - Live in Den Haag (The Netherlands)
Oct 31: Matt Bianco - live in Leiden (NL)
Nov 1: Level 42 - Live in Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Nov 1: Matt Bianco - Live in Bergen Op Zoom (NL)
Nov 2: The Human League - Live in Utrecht (Netherlands)
Nov 2-8: Dead Can Dance - Dionysus (Album)
Nov 3: Matt Bianco - Live in Turnhout (BE)
Nov 4: Matt Bianco - live in Zaandam (NL)
Nov 6: The Human League - Live in Aarhus (Denmark)
Nov 6: Kylie Minogue live in Luxembourg
Nov 8: Kylie Minogue live in Brussels (BE)
Nov 8: Lisa Loeb live in Sacramento, CA (USA)
Nov 9: The Human League - Live in Gothenborg (Sweden)
Nov 9: Kylie Minogue live in Paris
Nov 9: Bright Light Bright Light live in Philadelphia (USA)
Nov 10: The Human League - Live in Oslo (Norway)
Nov 10: Kylie Minogue live in Z?rich
Nov 10: Bright Light Bright Light live in Washington, DC (USA)
Nov 12: The Human League - Live in Berlin (Germany)
Nov 12: Kylie Minogue live in Padova
Nov 13: The Human League - Live in Hannover (Germany)
Nov 13: Kylie Minogue live in Munich (DE)
Nov 13: Bright Light Bright Light live in Cambridge (USA)
Nov 14: The Human League - Live in Frankfurt (Germany)
Nov 14: Kylie Minogue live in Vienna (AU)
Nov 15: Bright Light Bright Light live in Toronto (CAN)
Nov 16: The Human League - Live in Cologne (Germany)
Nov 16: Hue & Cry live in Airdrie (UK)
Nov 17: Kim Wilde live in Utrecht, the Netherlands
Nov 17: Bright Light Bright Light live in NYC (USA)
Nov 17: Hue & Cry live in Dundee (UK)
Nov 18: Kylie Minogue live in Frankfurt (DE)
Nov 18: Hue & Cry live in Aberdeen (UK)
Nov 19: Kylie Minogue live in Berlin (DE)
Nov 20: Kylie Minogue live in Cologne (DE)
Nov 21: The Human League - Live in Southend On Sea (UK)
Nov 21: Axelle Red - Live in Li?ge (BE)
Nov 22: Axelle Red - Live in Leuven (BE)
Nov 22: Kylie Minogue live in Amsterdam (NL)
Nov 23: The Human League - Live in Brighton (UK)
Nov 23: Axelle Red - Live in Oostende (BE)
Nov 23-29: Take That - Odyssey (Album)
Nov 24: The Human League - Live in Manchester (UK)
Nov 24: Kylie Minogue live in Hamburg (DE)
Nov 25: The Human League - Live in Glasgow (UK)
Nov 27: The Human League - Live in Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK)
Nov 28: The Human League - Live in Cambridge (UK)
Nov 28: Axelle Red - Live in Hasselt (BE)
Nov 30: The Human League - Live in Bournemouth (UK)
Dec 1: The Human League - Live in Birmingham (UK)
Dec 1: Paul Young - Live in Derby (UK)
Dec 2: The Human League - Live in Cardiff (UK)
Dec 4: The Human League - Live in Leicester (UK)
Dec 5: The Human League - Live in Nottingham (UK)
Dec 6: Lisa Loeb live in Raleigh, NC (USA)
Dec 7: The Human League - Live in Sheffield (UK)
Dec 7: Axelle Red - Live in Gent (BE)
Dec 7: Lisa Loeb live in Norfolk, VA (USA)
Dec 8: The Human League - Live in London (UK)
Dec 9: Lisa Loeb live in Arden, DE (USA)
Dec 14: Axelle Red - Live in Luxembourg (LUX)
Dec 15: Axelle Red - Live in Antwerp (BE)
Jan 17: Alison Moyet live in Amsterdam (NL)
Jan 18: Alison Moyet live in Frankfurt (GER)
Jan 19: Alison Moyet live in Dresden (GER)
Jan 21: Alison Moyet live in Berlin (GER)
Jan 22: Alison Moyet live in Hannover (GER)
Jan 24: Alison Moyet live in Stuttgart (GER)
Jan 25: Alison Moyet live in Eindhoven (NL)
Jan 26: Alison Moyet live in The Hague (NL)
Jan 31: Tears For Fears live in Dublin

Classic Albums

Morrissey - You Are The Quarry

The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead

Propaganda - A Secret Wish

Billie Ray Martin - Deadline For My Memories

Dead Or Alive - Youthquake

Sunscreem - O3

Thomas Leer - The Scale Of Ten

Mari Wilson - Showpeople

Adele - 19

Depeche Mode - Black Celebration

Saint Etienne - Tiger Bay

Axelle Red - Sans Plus Attendre

Visage - Beat Boy

Scritti Politti - Cupid & Psyche '85

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Singer-Songwriters Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell shoot for the stars with the release of CATCH THE MOON, a new children's CD and illustrated board book thatis released by Artemis Records. The package, available exclusively at Barnes & Noble, features Loeb and Mitchell's interpretations of popular children's songs from America and around the world.
Children and the adults who love them will enjoy hearing familiar tunes such asBig Rock Candy Mountain, Oh Susanna, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Little Red Caboose, as well as the Japanese Donguri, the French Fais Do Do and the Spanish La Manita.

Also check out:

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03 Jan 2004 - Two eighties icons

Pete Burns

Front man of Dead Or Alive. Shot to fame with the hits "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" and "Lover Come Back To Me". Dead Or Alive were huge in Japan and played sell out stadium concerts at the end of the eighties. Made a remarkable comeback in 2003 with the album "Evolution, The Hits Of Dead Or Alive" and a remake of "You Spin Me Round". Back in the studio right now to record new music with Pete Waterman.

More info:

Marc Almond

Front man of Soft Cell. Shot to fame with the hits "Tainted Love" and "Torch". After Soft Cell split up he went solo and scored hits like "Stories Of Johnny", "The Tears Run Rings" and "Jacky". Scored huge hits with the songs "The Days Of Pearly Spencer" and "Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart" a duet with the original singer of the song, Gene Pitney. In 2001 he reformed Soft Cell and scored minor hits with "Monoculture" and "The Night". Will release new solo material in 2013-2014.

More info:

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Key Releases for 2003!

Dead or Alive:

Evolution CD

You Spin Me Round
CDs 1

You Spin Me Round
CDs 2

Evolution DVD

Kylie Minogue:

Slow CDs 1

Slow CDs 2

Slow 12"

Body Language CD

Marc Almond:

Gone But Not
Forgotton CDs

Heart On Snow CD

In Session CD1

In Session Cd2

Saint Etienne:

Live In Berlin CD

Live At The Union
Chapel DVD

Soft Like Me CDs 1

Soft Like Me Cds 2

Pet Shop Boys:

Disco 3 CD

Miracles CDs 1

Miracles CDs 2

Pop Art CD

Geyster: Sunscreem: Futureshock:

Pop Art DVD

Bye Bye Superman

Perfect Motion CDs

Late At Night CDs

The Creatures:

Godzilla! CDs 1

Godzilla! CDs 2

Hai! Limited CD

Hai! CD


Solsbury Hill CDs 1

Solsbury Hill CDs 2

Solsbury Hill DVDs

Other People's
Songs CD

Make Me Smile CDs 1

Make Me Smile CDs 2

Make Me Smile DVDs

Hits! CD

Oh L'amour CDs 1

Oh L'amour CDs 2

Oh L'amour DVDs

Hits! DVD

Axelle Red:

Je Me Fache CDs

Face A / Face B CD

Pas Maintenant CDs

Venez Vers Moi CDs

The Cardigans:

For What It's Worth

Long Gone After
Daylight CD

You're The Storm

Live And Learn CDs

Dannii Minogue:

I Begin To Wonder

I Begin To Spin Me
Around CDs

Neon Lights CD

Don't Wanna Lose
This Feeling CDs

Dave Gahan:

Sticky Dirty Floors

Paper Monsters CD

Bottle Living CDs

I Need You CDs

Modern Talking:

TV Makes The
Superstar CDs

Universe CD

The Final Album CD

The Final Album DVD


Not A Sinner CDs

Menage A Trois CDs

Love Life CDs

Someday CDs

Klea: Clea: Lisa Scott-Lee:

Alcazarized CD

Tic Toc CDs

Download It CDs

Lately CDs

Sophie Ellis-Bextor:

Miss Kittin:

Mixed Up World CDs

I Won't Change You

Shoot From The Hip

Rippin Kitten CDs


Ginger Ale:

Voyageur CDs

Voyageur CD

Following The Sun

Happy House CDs

And One:
Paul van Dyk: Rammstein:

Krieger CDs

Aggressor CD

Times Of Our Lives

Lichtspielhaus DVD

Simply Red:

Fake CDs 1

Fake CDs 2

Sunrise CDs 1

Sunrise CDs 2

Adam Freeland:

You Make Me Feel
Brand New CDs 1

You Make Me Feel
Brand New CDs 2

Home CD

We Want Your Soul

Enrique Iglesias:
Daniel Bedingfield:

Addicted CDs

7 CD

If You're Not The One

Never Gonna Leave
Your Side CDs

Eros Ramazzotti:

Paola e Chiara:

Un 'Emozione Per
Sempre CDs

9 CD

Un Attimo Di Pace

Kamasutra CDs

Dutch feat.

Moro Mou CDs

Time To Say
Goodbye CDs

My Time CDs

My Time 12"

Ace Of Base:

Unbreakable CDs

The Juvenile CDs

Perfect Match CDs

New Arrival CD

Stacie Orrico:
Culture Beat: Alex Gold:

Stuck CDs

More To Life CDs

Mr. Vain Recall CDs

LA Today CDs


Hole In The Head
CDs 1

Hole In The Head
CDs 2

Too Lost In You
Cds 1

Too Lost In You
CDs 2

DJ Sammy & Do: Amy Studt: Thalia:

Three CD

Heaven CDs

Misfit Cds

I Want You Cds


Martin L. Gore:

Bad Day CDs 1

Bad Day CDs 2

In Time CD

Stardust CDs

Nena & Kim Wilde: Despina Vandi: In-Grid: Cher:

Irgendwie Irgendwo
Irgendwann CDs

Gia CDs

Tu Est Fou-Tu CDs

The Very Best Of CD

The Ones: Liberty X: Lee-Cabrera: Black Box:

Superstar CDs

Being Nobody CDs

Shake It (Move A
Little Closer) CDs

Ride On Time 2003

Pink: No Doubt: Dusty O: Darkness:

Feel Good Time CDs

It's My Life CDs

I Hear You
Knocking CDs

I Believe In A Thing
Called Love CDs

Soulvation: Justin Timberlake:

Reset Your Brain CDs

Rock Your Body CDs

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