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Classic 7

Morrissey - I Have Forgiven Jesus

The Smiths - How Soon Is Now

Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round

Claudia Brücken - Absolut(e)

Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday

Propaganda - P:Machinery

Scritti Politti - Wood Beez

Shakespears Sister - Break My Heart

Bonk - The Smile And The Kiss

The Human League - Don't You Want Me

Soft Cell - Torch

The Lover Speaks - No More I Love You's

Mariaane Rosenberg - Ich Bin Wie Du

Axelle Red - Sensualité

Saint Etienne - Like A Motorway

Adele - Make You Feel My Love

Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms

Sunscreem - Love U More

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As one of??last year's success stories, Junior Jack has cleaned up with 2003's biggest club record "E-Samba" and the years biggest selling dance record, alongside the Pacha / DJ Awards 'Record of the Season' and 'Best New Comer'.

In true Junior Jack style 'Da Hype' is another twisted premiere division tune denotating dancefloors with its incendiary groove!

Da Hype will secure his presence in every DJ's box from now till summer 2004 ahead of the debut album Trust It set for release in February. With an array of killer mixes to come including The Cure's Robert Smith adding his vocals, Da Hype is starting it's lethal journey.

Robert Smith - who's he then?

Robert Smith just 17 years old?? formed The Cure during the embryonic??years of Punk, the lead singer with his unique and?? distinctive Vocal sound quickly became an alternative force before alternative was the norm. The Cure's extraordinary career has been highlighted by a run of chart-topping hit singles, including "Boys don't cry" and "Love Cats", countless awards, Including??Q Magazines 'Best Inspiration Award' given earlier this year and an international fan base who follow the band with near religious fervour. Junior Jack who?? has been a long time fan??says "A few years before he seemed to be untouchable, but then I worked with him??- it's cool!"

Robert Smith is also??featured on a new solo album 'Zig Zag' from David Bowie collaborator Earl Slick. The album also features collaborations with Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott,??Stray Cats'??Slim Jim Phantom, former??Whitesnake singer David Coverdale and David Bowie.

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04 Feb 2004 - Kylie at G.A.Y.

KYLIE MINOGUE will play a one-off show at London club G-A-Y on February 28th as part of her promotional schedule for new single 'Red Blooded Woman' which will be released on March 1st.

HMV writes: "The Bottom" returns with her second slinky single from the magnificent "Body Language" album. "Red Blooded Woman" is taut electro funk reminiscent of the Neptunes at their best.

Kylie's transition from manufactured pop puppet to fully-fledged diva has been one of the most remarkable in music history. "Red Blooded Woman" marks a new notch in her bedpost of sound as she tackles the US??R&B style with astounding results. Top class bum, top class songs, Kylie is a pop princess without peer.

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04 Feb 2004 - Some 80's news

GEORGE MICHAEL has made his new single 'Amazing' available as a download from his website for fans who can't wait for the official release date to be announced. The single has already been released to radio and 'Patience', George Michael's first album of original songs since 1996's 'Older', is due for release in March.

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PET SHOP BOYS will release a new single 'Flamboyant' towards the end of March (29-3-2004). The track has been remixed for the single release and will also be accompanied by dance mixes and a video. There will??be dance mixes by Scissor Sisters, DJ Hell and Tomcraft. Pet Shop Boys have also announced that they will be playing a very special exclusive show in London in March.

A tune with a title that sums up the Pet Shop Boys sound so very aptly would have to be one of their best singles to dateàthankfully, it is. æFlamboyantÆ is camp, joyous pop and a return to the sort of form that made Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant household names.

Taken from their recent PopArt retrospective æFlamboyantÆ confirms the Pet Shop Boys as one of the most innovative and downright brilliant pop acts of the past twenty years.

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Scotlands newest indie darlings release their second single of nu-wave brilliance, the Blondie-meets-Rapture disco stomper, "Take Me Out".

Another sure-fire hit on Domino, Franz Ferdinand should secure a reputation every bit as infamous as their namesake (hopefully without the war-instigating assassination, although stranger things have happened).

An excellent taster for the new album that arrives in February. Franz Ferdinand are gonna be huge.

Also released as a limited edition 7".

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