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Classic 7

Morrissey - I Have Forgiven Jesus

The Smiths - How Soon Is Now

Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round

Claudia Brücken - Absolut(e)

Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday

Propaganda - P:Machinery

Scritti Politti - Wood Beez

Shakespears Sister - Break My Heart

Bonk - The Smile And The Kiss

The Human League - Don't You Want Me

Soft Cell - Torch

The Lover Speaks - No More I Love You's

Mariaane Rosenberg - Ich Bin Wie Du

Axelle Red - Sensualité

Saint Etienne - Like A Motorway

Adele - Make You Feel My Love

Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms

Sunscreem - Love U More

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Andy Bell's 2005 solo debut album 'Electric Blue' will be reissued in a remastered and expanded 3-CD edition on February 24th

The album will be available as:

* a limited-edition 3CD set in hardback book packaging
  (featuring lyrics, previously unseen images and brand new sleeve notes)
* digital download
* CD which is available to pre-order right now from PledgeMusic.

If you pre-order then you will receive an immediate 6-track download featuring brand new and rare remixes of the original album's lead single, 'Crazy'.


CD1 - Electric Blue
Intro / Caught in a Spin/ Crazy / Love Oneself / I Thought It Was You / Electric Blue / Jealous / Shaking My Soul / Runaway / I'll Never Fall In Love Again / Delicious / Fantasy / See the Lights Go Out / The Rest of Our Lives / Jump* / Back Into The Old Routine* / Little Girl Lies* / Names Change*

CD2 - Electric Dub (Continuous Mix)
See The Lights Go Out / Electric Blue / Jack Of Clubs / I'll Never Fall In Love Again / Crazy / Jump / Jealous / Fantasy / Love Oneself + Crazy - New 2017 Extended Vocal Mix* / I'll Never Fall In Love Again - New 2017 Extended Vocal Mix* / Electric Blue - New 2017 Extended Vocal Mix* / Love Oneself - 2017 Extended Version* / Crazy - New 2017 Acoustic Version* / Crazy - New 2017 Radio Edit*

CD3 - Rarities
Jack Of Clubs / Delicious (Andy Solo Version) / Love Oneself (Andy Solo Version) / Crazy" (MHC Stateside Remix) / Crazy (Cicada Vocal Remix) / Crazy (Vince Clarke Remix) / Crazy (King Roc Remix) / Crazy (MHC Master Mix) / I'll Never Fall in Love Again (Goetz Extended Remix) / I'll Never Fall in Love Again (Jaded Alliance Remix) / I'll Never Fall in Love Again (Mr. Do's Remix) / Electric Blue (Extended Album Version)

* Bonus Track


Download "Love Oneself (Extended Version)" for free here!
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Bright Light Bright Light feat. Elton John 'Running Back To You'
Video choreographed by Steven Hoggett who recently choreographed
'Harry Potter & The Cursed Child', 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time' & 'Once'.
'RUNNING BACK TO YOU' video is now online!

I'm so proud to present this video to you. I worked with the same team that I created the 'All In The Name' and 'Symmetry Of Two Hearts' videos with to make my very favourite video of my career.

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that a clip of the dance sequence has been my website backdrop since the announcement of the album - well done! I set up a 4 day video shoot in January 2016 where we shot all 3 videos for the triptych and all the album artwork was made of stills taken from the video shoot.

The wonderful team was:
Steven Hoggett - theatrical genius - as Choreographer
Santiago Felipe - Björk's current live photographer - as co-directer & D.O.P
Derek Gruen - aka Del Marquis of Scissor Sisters - as art director
Alicia Marie Campbell - hair and make-up
Plus my incredible dancers: Josh Weidenmiller, Madison Eastman, Chelsey Arce, Kenny Corrigan, Matthew Steffens & Patrick McCollum

I hope that you enjoy it!

The EP is available to pre-order since Friday January 20th when you can also buy the video on iTunes.
It features:

1. 12" Version
2. Go Long - a brand new track
3. Vince Clarke Remix
4. Radio Edit


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Warners will issue a five-disc super deluxe edition box set of Fleetwood Mac's 1987 album Tango in the Night in March.

The set will feature three CDs of audio, comprising of a remastered version of the album on disc one, B-sides, demos, alternate versions on disc two and 14 remixes on the third CD.

The fourth disc is a DVD which contains promo videos and a hi-res stereo version of the album (rather than a 5.1 mix). A vinyl edition is also included with the super deluxe edition.

This reissue is scheduled for release on 10 March 2017.

Disc: 1
01. Big Love (Remastered)
02. Seven Wonders (Remastered)
03. Everywhere (Remastered)
04. Caroline (Remastered)
05. Tango in the Night (Remastered)
06. Mystified (Remastered)
07. Little Lies (Remastered)
08. Family Man (Remastered)
09. Welcome To The Room… Sara (Remastered)
10. Isn't It Midnight (Remastered)
11. When I See You Again (Remastered)
12. You And I, Pt. II (Remastered)

Disc Two: B-Sides, Outtakes, Sessions
01.    "Down Endless Street"
02.    "Special Kind Of Love" (Demo)*
03.    "Seven Wonders" (Early Version)*
04.    "Tango In The Night" (Demo)*
05.    "Mystified" (Alternate Version)*
06.    "Book Of Miracles" (Instrumental)
07.    "Where We Belong" (Demo)*
08.    "Ricky"
09.    "Juliet" (Run-Through)*
10.  "Isn't It Midnight" (Alternate Mix)*
11.  "Ooh My Love" (Demo)*
12.  "Mystified" (Instrumental Demo)*
13.  "You And I, Part I & II" (Full Version)*

Disc Three: The 12″ Mixes (super deluxe only)
01. "Big Love" (Extended Remix)
02. "Big Love" (House On The Hill Dub)
03. "Big Love" (Piano Dub)
04. "Big Love" (Remix/Edit)
05. "Seven Wonders" (Extended Version)
06. "Seven Wonders" (Dub)
07. "Little Lies" (Extended Version)
08. "Little Lies" (Dub)
09. "Family Man" (Extended Vocal Remix)
10. "Family Man" (I'm A Jazz Man Dub)
11. "Family Man" (Extended Guitar Version)
12. "Family Party" (Bonus Beats)
13. "Everywhere" (12″ Version)
14. "Everywhere" (Dub)

Disc Four: The Videos (DVD) *super deluxe only
01. "Big Love"
02. "Seven Wonders"
03. "Little Lies"
04. "Family Man"
05. "Everywhere"
Plus a High-Resolution Stereo Mix of the Original Album

Tango In The Night (Vinyl)

Side One
01. "Big Love"
02. "Seven Wonders"
03. "Everywhere"
04. "Caroline"
05. "Tango In The Night"
06. "Mystified"

Side Two
01. "Little Lies"
02. "Family Man"
03. "Welcome To The Room… Sara"
04. "Isn't It Midnight"
05. "When I See You Again"
06. "You And I, Part II"

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A Flock Of Seagulls - Remixes & Rarities (2CD)

Release date: 24/03/2017

CD 1:

01. I Ran (So Far Away) (U.S. 7" Version)
02. Space Age Love Song (7" Version)
03. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) (7" Version)
04. Nightmares (7" Version)
05. Rosenmontag (Shorter Version)
06. Transfer Affection (7" Version)
07. I Ran (Live)
08. It's Not Me Talking (7" Version)
09. Never Again (7" Version)
10. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) (Long Version)
11. Nightmares (12" Version)
12. Committed (Short Version)
13. The Traveller (Live)
14. The More You Live the More You Love (Full Moon Mix)

CD 2:

01. I Ran (Longer Version)
02. Never Again (the Dancer) (12" Version)
03. Heartbeat Like a Drum (Full Length Version)
04. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) (U.S. Edit 12" Promo Version)
05. The Flight of Yuri Gagarin (Full Length Version)
06. Rosenmontag (Long Version)
07. Nightmares (U.S. 12" Promo Version)
08. I Ran (So Far Away) (Edited Version)
09. Never Again (the Dancer) (Re-Mix)
10. Space Age Love Song (Live)
11. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) (Short Version)
12. Who's That Girl (She's Got It) (Instrumental)
13. Single Medley

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